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Is Someone or Something Else in Charge of My Life?

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Is Someone or Something Else in Charge of My Life?

Sometimes you might think someone or something else is in charge of your life. Be assured that isn’t the case. Only you can make the decisions and choices that affect and guide your life. Even if you think your happiness is dependent on your mate, it isn’t. Living your life according to someone else’s demands may seem to place them in charge; however, it is your choice to live your life that way, and ultimately you are still in charge of that decision. Additionally, no doctor, minister, priest, rabbi, lawyer, or other respected individual is in charge of your life. They might affect your life, but they aren’t in control of your life. 

You may have confidence in them, but you must realize that your life is not directly dependent on them. Seeking counsel from them is perfectly all right, as long as you know you are the one in control of your own life, health, happiness, and success.

You might even think that something, not someone, is in charge of your life. For instance, some people blame germs for their health problems. Tiny, microscopic germs so small they can’t even see them without the aid of a microscope. Those that fear germs believe they are a victim of germs and that germs control their lives. They are afraid to touch door knobs or other public properties. These people hide away, locked in a world of fear, behind a mask for protection. These people are still in charge; they just choose to give germs power. They are choosing to live their lives in fear.

As you live each minute, hour, and day, be aware that you are choosing your lifestyle and forming your being. 

You and only you are in charge of your life. You will leave this life just as you came into it – alone. It was a glorious moment when you came into this world. You must lead your life to be just as exquisite when you leave by making daily choices that will connect you to the healthy, harmonious, spiritual path.

Know that you are in charge. If you do not like your life’s direction, you may need to make some changes. It is never too late to change – to redirect your life.