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It Might Be Time to Update How You See Yourself!

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It Might Be Time to Update How You See Yourself!

How you feel about and see yourself directly reflects your running inner commentary. Incessant internal chatter editorializes your every action and reaction. 

“I can’t do that!”  

“Well, that was a stupid thing to do!”  

“I can’t do anything right today!”

Unspoken remarks like these often reflect impressions you formed about yourself and your abilities long ago. And every time you repeat them in your conscious mind, you continue to reinforce them in your brain’s memory center, harboring learned responses – how to respond to criticism, how to ride a bicycle, and how to view the world. 

Non-conscious information comes to you after being filtered through your five senses. And sometimes, (maybe a lot of times!) this information is inaccurate, ultimately developing perfect automatic physiological responses to stimuli prompted by questionable information.

Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between truth and fantasy. All it knows are feelings. Whenever you judge yourself, you enter personal programming into your “this-is-how-you’ve-learned-to-respond” memory center. And self-inflicted judgmental statements about yourself are jam-packed with emotions. Our constant, silent comments influence our actions and attitudes, from the kind of food we eat for breakfast to the decision to apply for a more responsible job. Personal programming lobbies to keep us doing things that ensure we continue conforming to our well-programmed self-image.

Your personal programming isn’t and shouldn’t be static. As you mature and acquire a greater capacity for rational thinking and sorting helpful information from useless information, you can update your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about yourself and your abilities. You can reprogram and update obsolete mental chit-chat.

One of the biggest lessons you may need to learn is that you are a still developing creature. You were created under the guidance of Perfect Universal Creative Intelligence, and you continue to grow and develop under that guidance. You don’t need to contribute static to the reception of Perfect Intelligence energy by being mired in an obsolete mental monologue. It’s up to you to ensure the ongoing mental cues that influence your body and life reflect the Perfect Intelligence powering all life.  

Personal programming can lead us in directions we don’t want to go. It can make us feel bad about ourselves and make us sick. However, personal programming – your self-chit-chat– can also help you reach goals, enjoy satisfaction in everything you do, and live life to its fullest. If you aren’t happy with how you feel physically or how you feel about yourself and your life right now, you – and only you – can do something about it. 

You are in control!