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It’s About the Correct YES!

It’s About the Correct YES!

If there were no rules and you couldn’t fail, what would your purpose in life look like? When I approach this topic, most people tend to get that glazed-over look. It seems in this day and age, we can be so driven by outside forces that the inner passion, the inner purpose, is totally forgotten. And, this lack of balance in life leads to frustration and disorganization.

We often confuse being busy with accomplishment. And, to this end, our current society rewards those actions, which potentially can take us further from our mission in life, our purpose. Our ability to say “yes” to whatever comes along can often derail our productivity. Certainly we are encouraged to offer our help with every situation we feel might be within our level of expertise, yet this willingness to say yes can and most often does detour us from our own dreams and aspirations. Your co-workers need help on a project…Yes! A client needs some extra coaching at the last minute…Yes! We say yes to everything, and we are congratulated and acknowledged for this compliance. We are rewarded for the very thing, which takes us away from focusing on our own passion. Whaaat? When we say yes to everything, we lose our ability to take the necessary steps forward in alignment with our purpose in this life. Like being on a carnival ride spinning in multiple directions at once, we lose focus and take our eyes off the proverbial prize. Society offers congratulations to those saying yes, and often judges those saying no; when truthfully, everyone benefits from your “no”.

The ability to say no is liberating. And, when you say no, you at least have the opportunity to prioritize and focus your energy on things that will better serve you. And ultimately, when you serve yourself, you better serve others. When you focus on the priorities at hand, your foundation solidifies and you provide stability for others. You master the tasks you commit to accomplishing. You achieve an excellence, which will both inspire and benefact others.

Mastery is not about saying yes to many things; mastery is about saying the correct yes, which can lead you to your purpose and a life of excellence. Join us, as we get deeper into achieving a life of mastery and excellence at our Elite Diplomate/Elite Master weekend, September 20-23.