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It’s Bigger Than “Me”

It's Bigger than Just "Me"

It’s Bigger Than “Me”

Each of us begins as a unique field, develops into a unique person, and experiences a unique life. And in the process, each of us builds a unique conscious and subconscious mind. Its focus is on the survival of the “self.” We, as individuals, think as individuals, respond as individuals, and act as individuals. However, our true individuality stops where it begins – in our minds.

As much as we would like to think the universe revolves around “Me,” in reality, each “Me” is a part of a greater whole. None of us is apart from the universe or each other. And although our core drive in life is to survive as individuals, we cannot survive alone. We aren’t designed to survive alone.

So, how does this philosophy relate to health, happiness, and success? Everything! We can examine the effect thoughts, feelings, memories, beliefs, and learning have on “Me,” yet, that’s not the complete story. You learn life lessons when you can find an element of good in every lesson and personally recognize a benefit to you. And, to benefit positively from a life lesson, you must not hurt someone else in the learning process.

For (an extreme) example, you can see instant cash’s immediate benefit if you rob a bank. But that’s hardly a universal positive. You injured others either physically or financially in the process of gaining access to instant financial gain. And, you injected negativity into your mind, body, and field. You know that robbing a bank is “wrong.” Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths to avoid getting caught. Intentionally doing something that you know is wrong puts interference into your body and your field.

When you put interference into your field, other fields are affected, not just yours. Your energy is attached to the universe by an “energetic umbilical cord.” So, your energy affects universal energy, and universal energy affects you.

Learning an experience’s lesson is finding the truth of that experience. Or, to put it another way, it is finding the positive energy that resonates with our universe’s energy or “Universal Energy.” So, when you focus on finding the good in any experience, make sure it’s a universal good that not only benefits you but also doesn’t cause harm to others. You can tell when your energy is resonating with Universal Energy because your senses will sharpen, your world will become brighter, you will feel energized, and you will begin to see the good in the world around you. When you find a universal “good,” you find the truth.

Each of us is like an independent cell in the vast body of the universe. Each cell has its job to perform – responses to stimuli – as a part of the whole. So, it mustn’t respond in ways that injure other parts of the whole. Everything the individual cell (and the person) does must benefit the whole. We fight for our survival, but our survival ultimately depends on the well-being of the whole.