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Judgement: When I Want Others to See Things My Way

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Judgement: When I Want Others to See Things My Way

Judgment. This is something we have discussed before, and it is so important…well, let’s discuss it again!

It is to your benefit to overcome the urge to place judgment on your parents, boss, husband, wife, children, or other significant individuals in your life. You may have difficulty forgetting the way these people have treated you in the past, or even how they may be treating you at times now. However, judging them for their actions is harmful to you. You are unable to change the past or the way anyone else acts. Focusing on the things you ARE responsible for – your own actions and reactions – is a healthier use of your energy.

This also applies to judging those you don’t even know. How often have we said things like, “She shouldn’t wear that!” or, “They should make those kids behave!”? In fact, pay close attention to your use of the word, “should.” The use of this word in a statement is usually followed by some sort of unhealthy form of “judgment.” Instead, you can learn from these experiences to decide what you would do instead. Because judging others for their actions will only create interference for you.

Observe the actions of others and learn from them. Make a decision on how you will live your life according to the observations you have made. Instead of judging and thinking, “My dad did it all wrong as a father,” think this instead: “As a result of growing up with my father, I am going to be a more loving, caring, thoughtful father.” You can turn it around to your benefit. Live your life today in a way that will ensure your future is as happy and harmonious as you want it to be.

I will love others for what they are, not what I want them to be.