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Just Get Out of the Way!

Just Get Out of the Way!

The power of love has changed the course of history and it can change your life, if you learn how to apply this power. We all know love is a feeling you experience somewhere deep in your being. When you look at a beautiful flower, you experience a good feeling. When you see a healthy, happy baby, you get a feeling of warmth all over your body. When you look at or touch your pet, your whole body responds with a feeling of joy, and you become calm and content. It is often difficult to describe this feeling, but you experience it never the less.

If we consider the universe as energy in action all the time, and this energy is abundant and perfect for all creation, we begin to realize that there is a silent energy that exists in all living things. Since we are made of this silent, powerful energy and should vibrate at the frequency of creation all the time, why don’t we? And, what does this have to do with love anyway?

A healthy, newborn baby exudes happiness and joy. This newborn does not inhibit the continuous reception of the creative energy that built her. She is experiencing the power of love. She radiates and sparkles with the energy of creation. You could say she is “in love” with the energy of creation.

Now, if you look at the neuro-anatomy and physiology of love, you can begin to understand how the energy of love really changes our lives. Since love is an emotion and a feeling, it cannot be created with the conscious mind. You must examine the emotional mind to really understand the feeling of love. The emotional mind involves the limbic system. And if, as adults, we used our limbic system as we did as children, we would participate in the universal energy of creation a lot more often, if not all the time. If we would allow this to occur, we would express all that was intended in our original design. Our weight would be normal; we would be strong in our physical accomplishments; we would live in abundance, and we would sparkle and shine just like a newborn baby does.

So, how do you do this? First remember, you can’t create this energy with your conscious mind. However, you can inhibit the reception of this love energy by incorrect use of your conscious mind. So, full reception of the energy of love by your emotional mind is only possible when you keep your conscious mind positive. Any negative thought you have shuts down the full reception of your creative (love) energy. Negative thinking always activates your flight/fight survival mechanism. And, your survival system should only be used when you are physically threatened. It should never be activated by negative thinking – thoughts like fear, worry, anger or judgment.

You know, the power of love really is available to all of us all of the time. We just have to get out of the way!