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Life is Choices!

We’ll be back in 2021 with our LIVE events. And, until that time, you will be seeing more and more of our programs online! Wishing you the BEST of health, happiness and success!

Life is Choices!

Dr. Ted here! You know, the choices I’ve made in life have led me to where I am physically, mentally and emotionally. I choose to be, do and have everything I currently experience. I am responsible. My health is my choice. My life is my choice. Personal responsibility is a really big concept, and one we have taught in the Morter HealthSystem for over 45 years. It’s not always the most popular concept – the blame game is much, much easier to play.

Periodically it’s important, I think, to step back and observe – to see what is manifesting in my life right now. It’s kind of like being a bird high up in a tree watching “me” unfold and interact with my choices. Do I like how things are going? Am I responding to people and things in a way that vibrates with the energy I choose for my life? Or, am I letting people or experiences affect my happiness?

Thinking is really the key to it all. What you think is just an expression of what you perceive of your surroundings. And, what you say – the words you use – are also a reflection of those surroundings, beliefs and observations. Controlling the words we speak is definitely easier than controlling our thoughts. Yet, those words and thoughts are intimately interconnected. The feelings are supported by the thinking. So, in order to feel better, you must think better, say better things and react better to what’s happening around you.

So here’s the thing: the choices we make might not resonate with the vibration of someone else we come into contact with. For example: someone may get angry with you in traffic and “flip you the bird.” If you were to return that gesture – and the vulgarity of it – you are immediately pulled to that person’s vibratory level. How you respond to how someone else treats you is completely under your control – it’s your choice. Oh, but sometimes we slip up on this one, right?

And, that’s why I step back and take stock of it all when I start feeling feelings like disappointment, anger, hurt. Having these types of feelings is a sign of thinking run amuck! When you feel these feelings creeping in, make the choice to instead be present with what you are about – that’s what you control!