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Living in Fear

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Living in Fear

We are currently producing Dr. Morter’s, The Soul Purpose – Choosing the Path to Health, Happiness & Success, as an audiobook! Dynamic Health – Using Your Own Beliefs, Thoughts and Memory to Create a Healthy Body is already available in audio format, and since it was so popular, we decided it was time for The Soul Purpose to find its way to audio format as well.

While reviewing the pages in preparation for the recording, this excerpt really stood out as a great message for today.

To live in fear is an unhealthy state of mind, as fear is one of the most powerful negative emotions, one that will actually rule your life if you let it. Fear separates you from the Universal Power. It causes a block in the flow of the spiritual energy within you. Allowing fear to control your consciousness guarantees that you will experience ill health in some form. Mental anguish may be the most obvious form, but deep-rooted fear is most likely the cause of many serious diseases.

Fear and other negative emotions cause the production of endorphins in your body, and your body must respond. The response is often negative. According to animal experiments, some endorphins may drive the growth of tumors and impair learning or memory. Blair Justice, Ph.D., has conducted studies that have shown that “alpha-endorphin and other opioid peptides secreted under inescapable stress, suppress the function of T-cells in the immune system and reduce the effectiveness of NK (natural killer) cells.” Natural killer cells are vital in protecting the body from cancer and viral infection.

There are also cases of people who are literally “frightened to death” by terrifying experiences that do not cause physical harm but produce emotional shock or intense anxiety. J.M.T. Finney, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins, has publically reported that he would not perform surgery on people who believe they would not live through it. In addition, Theodore Miller, senior attending surgeon at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, reported the following to the Society of Surgical Oncology: “After operating on several patients who expressed great apprehension and fear of death, only to have them die in spite of what appeared to be a normal operative course, I no longer operate on a patient who expresses the fear that he would not survive the operation.”

I teach people to listen to their inner powers, let go of their conscious minds, and turn to their subconscious energies. They learn that they are in control of their lives and responsible for their health. It’s all about you. You have the power; you have the Universal Energy within you. When you know this, your fears may be abandoned. You will have the patience to allow the power to work. You will be able to give up your fears and depend on your faith as you enter the new state of knowingness.