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Living Meditation

Calm red-haired woman relaxing meditating while working remotely on laptop outdoors

Living Meditation

Meditation is not just an escape to hide from a disruptive life, nor is it a practice for relaxation alone. It is so much more! It allows us to experience ourselves from an entirely different perspective. Meditation provides a way for us to “be with” the circumstances of our lives and ourselves. It helps us remove the stresses of seeing life from a dualistic viewpoint. Good or bad, should be or shouldn’t be, right and wrong all disappear. That’s when you find begin to find inner peace.

When we meditate, we practice being an observer by noticing our feelings and the energies activated from life events – without reacting, without making it personal. We simply observe. We begin to learn through meditation that we can live without the need for control. We start to move into a different rhythm that promotes wholeness, healing, abundance, and joy.

Over time, meditative practices also help us reduce stress. It’s a natural by-product of learning to focus our attention differently. We implicitly reduce our stress levels by looking at what is rather than how to elicit change, redirecting energies, or denying an event.

Once mastered, meditation can lead to an even more profound experience within ourselves, going beyond the physical experiences of life. We can learn to see beyond life’s dualities and embrace a third viewpoint – acceptance, and collaboration.

Meditation is also beneficial as an integrated experience, adding it to your everyday life. So, rather than rush home after a hectic day and attempt to observe and relax directly through meditation, you can instead choose to observe your day and feelings in real time and try to find a different perspective immediately. You can shift your attitude whether you’re meditating or not.

Spending a short amount of time on meditation each day can teach you to focus on and balance your energy to cultivate inner peace. In your next meditation, try focusing on the heart chakra (in the center of the chest) and breathing slowly and deeply into your abdomen. Become aware of the higher energy sources available to us and learn to experience them by allowing them to exist without attempting to change or manipulate them.

With regular meditation and the neurological balancing of the Morter March, you can change how you experience life.