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Look out, Los Angeles! B.E.S.T. is coming your way!

Look out, Los Angeles! B.E.S.T. is coming your way!

We have the first B.E.S.T. Training of 2020 this weekend in Los Angeles! You lucky West Coasters! Dr. Blake Brown will give a thorough, updated and entertaining program. AND you’ll get the benefit of his unmatched wisdom and insight. Regardless of the number of trainings you’ve attended before, attending this powerful weekend will strengthen you as a practitioner and as a human. Remember, you can’t learn what you think you already know. We invite you to join us in this clear focus on your craft of B.E.S.T. There is always more to learn!

And remember, B.E.S.T. Study Program members not only come to MHS B.E.S.T. Trainings free, you also have access to the Practitioner e-Study Program. We’ve had overwhelmingly positive response to this adjunct study, so be sure to access this benefit if you haven’t already. You’ll find the e-Study will fill in all the “how” and “why” to what you are doing with B.E.S.T. and the whole Morter HealthSystem, strengthening your foundation in technique, nutrition and business building. If you haven’t revisited B.E.S.T. in a while, 2020 is your year to re-join the team! Our new, enhanced approach will kindle your fire all over again! And, with the release of an all-new online B.E.S.T. home study program this year, along with updated additions to the Practitioner e-Study, you will have all of the tools you need right at your fingertips everyday.

Not a current B.E.S.T. Study program member? If you’ve been a member of our study program in the past, we have an affordable alumni program, which gives you access to all of these amazing benefits, or you can take this class to refresh your knowledge for only $197! And, if you have never been a member of our study program, you can audit a B.E.S.T. Training for only $497 to see if Certification is a good fit for you.

We hope you’ll join us in Los Angeles this weekend or at one or more of the other B.E.S.T. Trainings scheduled this year – Dallas, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Phoenix, Seattle, Rogers and Paris, too! To register, just call our office at 800-874-1478!