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Make it a Celebration!

Make it a Celebration!

In order to celebrate your life, you must become happy – become happy with your job, family, relatives, friends and even that difficult co-worker. Of course, no one really wants to be sad, but many have forgotten how to be happy. To be happy you must first become happy within yourself. You can’t expect others to make you happy; you must get happy and then share your happiness with others. You can’t be miserable in your life and expect your wife, husband or anyone else to make you happy.

So how do you get happy? You may be thinking: This is all well and good for some, but no one understands just how miserable my life really is! Your debts may be overwhelming, your wife or husband may constantly nag at you and your children may be a mess. Welcome to the real world. Everyone has stresses in their lives! However, it is not the stresses in your life that make you upset, frustrated and unable to enjoy and celebrate your life; it is how you respond to those stresses that makes you unhappy.

To start the process of responding in a way that leads to happiness instead of frustration, you must see that each stress gives you the opportunity to learn a lesson. Every situation in life has a hidden message in it for you to learn and benefit from. There is no such thing as a negative lesson. All lessons are positive, because they give you the perspective to move you forward, helping you see what you want more or less of in your life.

The way you think constantly affects your life. Be aware of what you think about, keeping in mind that “likes” begets “likes.” If you plant a seed of corn, you will receive a stalk of corn and not a radish plant. If you plant a coconut in the ground, you will not grow an oak tree. Now just imagine your thoughts are like seeds. Positive thoughts will bring positive experiences into your life. All of the sudden you might believe your luck has changed, when in actuality it’s your mind that changed. Negative thoughts work the same way. Negative thoughts (negative seeds) will grow, and the absolute law of attraction will bring forth negative experiences in your life. So be aware of what you think and be especially careful of what you say.

Bringing these two habits into your life – learning to appreciate the lesson and planting positive seeds with your thoughts and words – will help you begin to change your life. Doing the Morter March throughout the day can help you sync this pattern into your subconscious mind. This allows you to create things in your life to be happy about. Then every day you will have something to celebrate. Your life is your creation. You create it with your thoughts, words and actions. Change those things and change your life – make it a celebration!