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Making Dreams Come True

Making Dreams Come True

Dr. Ted here! Often times we look in a particular direction for our success and our abundance, only to virtually ignore a message or “win” from another direction. This is caused from an old pattern that’s running – a Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (SEMO). And, unless we acknowledge the pattern and make the necessary corrections, we’ll simply continue to do the same old thing over and over and wish for a different outcome.

I suggest we stop the insanity and establish a new pattern – a new beginning. When people question me and my focus or direction, I make a simple statement: I am always open to new ideas, new direction and new possibilities. I focus my energy on being teachable, having the willingness to learn and adapt to change.

To me, dreams are all about focus and adaptability. I focus on what I wish to have happen, and then adapt to the “cards I’m dealt” – making course corrections as necessary. Because, sometimes I’m expecting a certain set of circumstances, and I get surprised at completely different and unexpected opportunities, which just show up! It’s been said to “never look a gift horse in the mouth.” So, I don’t question what happens or how I’m going to get to the goal. I just move forward, changing course when necessary and adapting with total faith. And, more times than not, the success is just a decision or two away.

When dreaming, I have learned not to let the possibility of failure enter the matrix – that’s the faith aspect. I know what will happen before it happens. What I mean is, in my mind, it has already happened as I pictured it. If the final draft looks different, so be it! I am embracing success and abundance from wherever it ultimately comes from. You can never limit or question the forces that are at work for you.

And, along those lines, I have learned to surround myself with people who think like me, and are genuinely for me and MHS success. There are people who are with me but not for me. I now look for those who support my dreams, those who leverage for my dreams, and celebrate my/our successes – those who are for me. Likewise, be for others on their journeys. There’s enough for everyone in this abundant world!

So, surround yourself with support, be supportive of others, be open to change and possibility and have enduring faith – that’s called making dreams come true!