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Mind, Thoughts and a Healthy Field

Mind, Thoughts and a Healthy Field

Perhaps you have questioned why some people breeze through life with few major catastrophes, good health, success at just about everything they try, and a generally good attitude. Health care practitioners don’t see many of these people on a regular basis, just for emergencies or routine checkups. Are these “have it all” people happy, enthusiastic, full of vitality and satisfied because they are healthy, successful and think well of themselves? Or, are they healthy, successful and think well of themselves because they are happy, enthusiastic, full of vitality and satisfied?

Our clinical experience shows that the latter is true. Those whose thought processes, beliefs, and attitudes (1) focus on the best possible outcomes, and (2) are judiciously oblivious to the prospect of “bad luck” or disaster are the “winners” in life. And, the flip side of that coin shows the same pattern. Those who view life as a tumultuous stream of crises, “bad luck,” disasters, broken relationships, lost jobs, financial crises, and declining health are, for the most part, conforming to those views. Those whose thoughts, beliefs and attitudes accept and expect that “if it can go wrong, it will,” are seldom disappointed.

So, how does this happen? The first explanation, as can be heard from just about any motivational lecturer, is that when we have a goal firmly in mind, we subconsciously work to reach that goal. No matter whether the outcome we expect and subconsciously work toward is positive or negative, our beliefs and attitudes program our subconscious to reach the destination or goal we have set. “I knew I was going to spill that drink.” “I knew I wasn’t going to get that job.” When we convince ourselves that a given outcome will occur, most of the time our projections will be realized. Each of us reaches his own level of subconscious expectations. But, there is more to it than conscious/subconscious programming.

Each of us has his own energy field that envelops us and interacts with other energy fields. All energy fields contain all information, just as the DNA in one cell of the body contains the same information as the DNA in all other cells of the body. Energy information is transmitted from the field to the body, and from the body to the field. The body/mind is both a receiver and a transmitter. When the energy frequencies of the mind are synchronized with the energy frequencies of the fields, field/mind homeostasis is the result. When the energy of the fields outside the visible body (the universal energy fields) and the energy of the body/mind resonate harmoniously, health, success and happiness result. When the energy fields are not resonating harmoniously, disease, pain or even death is the product.

The goal for the practitioner and patient of B.E.S.T. is to help the patient restructure his/her thoughts and beliefs to establish a resonance with health. Since the mind harbors and develops thoughts, and the thoughts themselves all radiate energy from the body to the surrounding fields, the way we think controls not only the physiology of the body, but also the vitality of the external energy field. The thoughts of the patient determine the “health” of the field, and the “health” of the field determines the physical (and mental) health of the patient.