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My Alka·Slim® Journey

My Alka·Slim® Journey

Dr. Ted here! When we formulated Alka·Slim® as the only low-protein, meal replacement on the market, Dr. Morter’s whole nutritional philosophy was basically represented in this product. Alka·Slim® was designed to alkalize the pH of the body. The product is loaded with necessary alkaline minerals that aid in the burning of fat by your body, because fat is more readily absorbed in an alkaline environment. Combined with a diet high in vegetables, Alka•Slim® promotes the alkalinity of the body. And, that’s important because, as you know, a high-protein diet may help you drop pounds in the short run, but it will harm your health in the not-so long run.

So, I was excited about my 30 lb. weight loss and lowered blood pressure back in 1993 when we did our first Alka·Slim® Challenge…really excited! Since then, life has caught me occasionally taking my eye off my healthy eating habits. So, when that happens, I set a new goal to getting that reigned back in. I’m starting on a new 45-Day Challenge beginning today. And, I think I’m even more excited about it this time because I already know what this program can do for me and for anyone that commits to it. So I hope you’ll join me on the 45-Day Challenge team!

I think when you get excited about something – when you feel passionate – you jump in and really apply yourself creatively to the endeavor. My creativity comes out very strongly in my cooking. I love to cook! The challenges of coming up with recipes that taste fantastic and are truly health enhancing is something I’ve already started working on. Also, creating different methods of exercise is exciting to me. I’m not a gym-goer, runner or weight-lifter. I have to find unique ways to trick myself into enjoying exercise, because if I don’t, I won’t. I know myself. I’ll be sharing all of these ideas with my team for sure!

I encourage you to get on the Facebook page for this Alka·Slim® 45 Day challenge and post your thoughts daily. Get creative! Read Dr. Morter’s book, An Apple A Day – Is It Enough Today? to guide you on really changing how you fuel your body – choosing health-enhancing rather than disease -producing foods and habits. Choose to take your health back…even if you’ve done it before and just fell back into bad habits!