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Our Contribution to Universal Consciousness

Our Contribution to Universal Consciousness

Here’s an analogy to depict the relationship between the energies of the soul and spirit. The spiritual energy is white in color – pure, perfect, ethereal, and white. On the other hand, when you use your conscious mind to make negative choices that lead you away from the spiritual path, then the color of your energy is black. Since these energies combine to envelope you, the energy surrounding you is some shade of gray – the combination of white and black. This is your energy field. This mixture of gray energy surrounds us all the time, and is actually made up of distinct particles of both white and black.

With your free will, you make decisions. Each decision you make resonates with the black energy or the white energy of your field. When your thoughts, actions, and deeds are harmonious with the spiritual path, then you attract more of the white energy to you. You resonate and pulsate with this white energy. The more white energy you attract, the happier and healthier you become. You walk by calm waters; you do not fear. Your life becomes an attracting field of good and positive events, and the course of your soul and spirit are synchronized. You emit and attract white energy. You will have a feeling of everything going your way on these days.

On the other hand, if you make poor decisions, are judgmental, depressed, scared, lonely, or angry, then you will attract the black energy particles from your field of energy. This black energy will attract more black energy. You will resonate in a pool of black energy, becoming more depressed, more angry, or more unhealthy.

It is your choice what contribution you will make to the universal pool of consciousness. Will you add a great clutter of black energy? Or will you increase the resonance of the white energy? Only you can determine the size of the ripple you will make in this great pool. Your contribution to the universal consciousness is not measured or judged, it just is what it is. Just as surely as night follows day, you will make a splash in this pool of knowledge, energy, and power. You can decide now to brighten your energy, growing every nearer to that divine, ethereal white energy. The beauty of it all is that you have the ability to choose your path and to choose the quality of the contribution you make to the universal consciousness.