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Our Responsibility to Animals

B.E.S.T. is designed to give our animal friends the very best care possible. Learn more about our programs and upcoming events so you can give your animals friends the TLC they deserve.

Our Responsibility to Animals

Not surprisingly, the “animal” aspect of Morter HealthSystem is very similar to the “people” one. The same principles govern living systems – the body is more than a sum of its parts; the body was designed to survive the conditions of the moment on a survival priority basis; and the choices made in essential areas determine the conditions for which the body must respond.

However, an animal cannot separate itself from its design or genetics. People, of course, can. Everything an animal does is perfect, either by design or by its environment. Responsibility and where it lies could be the most significant difference when comparing animal and human health. Animals give up some of their choices to their caregivers – and that makes the caregivers responsible for the animal’s health. 

That’s quite a responsibility, and those of you already involved in Animal B.E.S.T. obviously take that responsibility quite seriously!

When B.E.S.T. is used with animals or humans, we endeavor to accomplish balance. We balance the internal environment (achieve homeostasis) so that all the organs are synchronized with each other and, at the same time, appropriate for the survival of the individual or animal with its external environment.

And, with animals and humans, we must look to the cause of the interference and address that cause. With animals, it’s their environment – past or present. You must update the environment and the memory to present the need. Animals experience “bushwhack” experiences just as humans do. So, balancing the body energetically and physically will chart a course toward true and vibrant health. By applying the B.E.S.T. system, you will see miracles, and maybe never more quickly than on our animals.

The key to your pet’s health is making the correct essential choices with them and keeping their body balanced with B.E.S.T. 

Our Animal B.E.S.T. program shows you how to do that – for your animals or others. Join us for the 2023 Animal B.E.S.T. program at beautiful Morter Farm on May 5-7.