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“Pattern Lock”…can be holding you back!

“Pattern Lock”…can be holding you back!

Dr. Ted here! Something deep within your brain holds the power over your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Like a padlock, this “thing” remains inaccessible for most, and at best holds you hostage, preventing real and lasting change.

Success/failure, excitement/disappointment, laziness/over achievement, and even sadness/joy, are deeply held brain patterns, which may lock down your path to success and abundance. And, you don’t even know what’s happening! You just hope to get to the next “thing” or the next “opportunity” to do and be better.

This is what I call “Pattern Lock.” Harder to access than a 3-lock box, these patterns are not triggered by your run-of-the-mill feelings. These patterns are deeply etched on your personal hard-drive and, yes, you get full credit for the intensity and the outcome on a daily basis. “Pattern Lock” is real, identifiable, and most importantly, updatable…with the correct “Key”.

And here’s the important thing: B.E.S.T. practitioners hold the “Pattern Lock Key”!

So, how does this really work? First, there is a big difference between emotions and feelings. Emotions are deeply held within our DNA makeup. They are automatic responses to situations happening in our lives day to day. Emotions trigger specific chemical responses in our brains, which in turn elicit feelings about the incident. First we emote, and then we experience chemical feelings about the emotion. For example: I was afraid (emotion of fear) and then became worried for my safety (feeling of worry).

There are 6-Pairs of Emotional Triggers, which are the “Pattern Lock Key(s).

  • Sadness-Joy
  • Anger –Happiness
  • Fear-Trust
  • Judgment-Acceptance
  • Guilt-Inspiration
  • Hate-Love

“Pattern Lock” is quite possibly what is holding you back from your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Find a B.E.S.T. Practitioner and have him/her work personally with you to update and to unlock your “Locked Pattern.”

B.E.S.T. Study Program and MHS Alumni members have access to this new information/flow chart in the MHS on-line study program as a benefit of their membership. In addition, there is a new 2018 Technique Update available to all B.E.S.T. Practitioners. Call our office at 800-874-1478 for access.