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Play Full-On!

Play Full-On!

I talk about “playing full-on” from stage when I am encouraging people to be their best. So, what am I really saying? Well, to me it’s about total commitment and total dedication to what you are doing. When I am dedicated to something, I feel so much more empowered. The scientific explanation deals with the release of powerful neuro-transmitters from the deep areas of the brain, which in turn help to form our feelings.

I play full on. And, the new updates, the new protocols, and the new technique flow charts are just the tip of the iceberg in what’s been happening at Morter HealthSystem because of that. And, this isn’t just about Morter HealthSystem; it’s about you. The more we up our game, the greater the energy we emit. That same energy inspires you to up your game. And you, in turn, inspire others to up their game. Because, when you dedicate to something important, others will notice and follow. It’s the energy of faith and fearlessness.

At the upcoming Elite seminars in September, we’ll explain the difference between Fear and Faith when identifying the Trigger Emotion used in the treatment. Further, you will see the NEW Advanced Emotion/Feelings Chart, which simplifies the treatment protocol. And, we’ve added the TMJ/Extremity directly into the treatment protocol, which allows deeper and more precise pattern update.

Do I have your attention yet?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Enteric Nervous System update and the relationship between brain vs. gut-based treatment. Is the pattern stress or digestion or immunity based? You’re just a decision away from learning all of this interesting and enlightening new work. I hope to see you here in Rogers for the next Elite Diplomate/Elite Mastery training where we’ll show you how to really up YOUR game!