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Positively Feel Your Way Through Life!

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Positively Feel Your Way Through Life!

Strong emotions and feelings are the cement of memory. Boring is not memorable. Excitement is. Feelings attached to a major, emotionally-packed incident weld the physiological response pattern to the memory of the incident.

It’s important for that message to come through loud and clear. When something unpleasant or terrible happens to you, you remember the details in your conscious mind, and you remember the response physiology in your subconscious mind. Up-tight and defensive is a physiological response. It’s the way you feel about the tongue-lashing your boss inflicted on you that sparks a physiological response, not eh “chewing-out” itself. If you are afraid that your boss’ current antagonism means the end of your much-needed job, you’ll have intense feelings about the situation. However, if you have already made arrangements for a new and better job, the confrontation probably won’t be as upsetting.

Negative or positive feelings, it doesn’t matter – physiology changes. “Positive” feelings, such as confidence, pleasure, satisfaction, serenity, and the like, do two things. First, positive feelings resonate with the perfect energy of the power source that created and sustained you. Positive feelings keep communication lines open between you and your field’s great energy reservoir to “fuel” mind, body, and spirit. Second, positive feelings permit internal energy to flow more freely. Energy flows through your body as well as around it. Smooth, uninterrupted internal energy flow allows your body to function in perfect synchronization – rhythmically, free of tempo-disrupting interference. Positive-radiating feelings are less likely than negative feelings to interfere with healthful physiology.

Negative feelings are usually much more intense than positive feelings. Negative feelings throw a kink in your link with your power-generating field. And negative feelings can interfere with health-promoting smooth, well-regulated internal physiological function. Feelings such as shame, irritation, jealousy, frustration, guilt, resentment, loneliness, inadequacy, greed, despair, hate, and fear keep your body alert and act as resistors to creative energy. They are constrictive. Constant negative feelings keep you constantly defensive in attitude and physiology. Intense negative emotions and feelings introduce energy-depleting organization into your personal field. Your field is at its greatest energy potential when total, complete, random energy reigns. As your field goes, so goes your tangible body. So, since your field is the template for the rest of your body, and your feelings can affect your field, your best strategy for health, happiness, and success is to make sure you feel your way through life positively.