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Present-Time Consciousness

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Present-Time Consciousness

While it’s not easy to get over negative past experiences, it is imperative to do so if you want to change your life. The past is simply a memory, created by the five senses and accompanied by feelings. Feelings always elicit a physiological response. There is a direct connection between a memory of the past and the body’s expression of that experience at the time it occurred. So, every time you relive the past by recalling it from memory, you automatically activate the physiology of that moment. And, it is exhausting for your body to deal with it over and over again.

If every memory has a thought that created it and a feeling connected to it, then a physiological response will likely occur when the memory is activated; or, just the feeling can activate that same response in the body. This response can happen, even without your conscious awareness of it. For example, your heart may start pounding and your palms may get wet, or your breathing may change when you are just watching a movie that activates a memory or a feeling. Your body doesn’t know the threat is just from your memory, and so it repeats the pattern of when the stress occurred. To really get over the past, you can start by being continuously aware of your thoughts, feelings, and bodily functions. Notice when your shoulders are uptight or your neck is tense. Notice where your thoughts are – are they with what you are currently doing? Consciously allow yourself to relax and face the current moment.

The goal is to maintain present-time consciousness and present-time sub-consciousness at all times. The old adage “be where you are” is applicable here. Watch that your thoughts and feelings are appropriate for your present needs at all times. When you feel yourself tensing up, take control! Relax, breathe deeply, and think positively. Performing the Morter March will help you realign and balance at home every day. For repeating patterns, you will need to do Dr. Morter’s Forgiveness work and possibly go to a B.E.S.T. Practitioner who can help update these patterns to current needs. 

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The bottom line is, by paying attention to what you think about when you think about it and then taking the steps discussed to forgive the past and bring yourself into present-time consciousness, you are moving forward to a healthier, happier, more balanced life!