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Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration

Most of us love to give praise, do good deeds, and pay it forward. All are acts of kindness, and deserve acknowledgment. The trouble is, we aren’t taught to receive praise or acknowledgment. In fact, most of us actually shrug off praise and shy away from the spotlight!

From a quantum view, this is counterproductive. The more we embrace something – accept a gift or acknowledge praise, for example – we vibrate at a higher frequency, and so attract more of this to us. Unfortunately, most people shy away from the praise, saying it was nothing. Instead of downplaying what you’ve done and the ensuing praise, say something like, “It was my pleasure.”

Another example is when someone pays you a complement on what you are wearing. Instead of deflecting that complement with all the reasons it’s really not that great, when someone pays you that complement, the best response is quite simple: Thank you! You don’t need to go into the story about where you bought the outfit they complemented, how they didn’t have the right size, whether or not it was on sale, or how long you have had it! Just say Thank you! Likewise, when someone compliments, praises or recognizes you in any way, the same response is appropriate: Thank you!

We deflect because we don’t think we are worthy. We, as humans, tend to focus on what we don’t have – we don’t think we did enough, we don’t like how we look, we have all kinds of ailments, we have bad luck with relationships, or we never have enough money for anything. Yikes! Please remember and catch yourself when you slip by stopping and just saying, “Thank you!” with a smile. Because, by focusing on what we don’t have, we simply create more of that same lack. By being thankful, we have more to be thankful for.

Want to raise your vibration? Praising someone, whether verbally or with an act of kindness, changes the vibrational mix instantly. And, when we learn to accept and acknowledge praise, we attract more of the same. Ignore it, and watch how soon it will stop. You can also practice raising your vibration by reciting this simple mantra, “I am worthy; I am special; I am a gift.” Say it over and over throughout the day. “I am worthy; I am special; and I am a gift.”

And, sadly, we have had to say goodbye to Dr. George Vasbinder – a true B.E.S.T. family member since the 1980s. This man was fun-loving, firm in his beliefs and always interested in health and helping others with theirs. Dr. Vasbinder, until we meet again, enjoy a chat with Dr. Morter and enjoy your new journey.