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Re-evaluating Your Needs

Re-evaluating Your Needs

Re-evaluating Your Needs

Now is a great time to re-evaluate your needs. The key word is “needs.” Not “wants.” 

There is a big difference between what you need in life and what you merely want in life. When evaluating your needs, consider what is best for mankind as a whole. What can you do to better the world around you?

In B.E.S.T. we have learned that when you “want” something, you use your conscious mind. Accomplishments in life require the unconscious brain. In order to accomplish anything, you must be thankful for what you already have in your life. The law of attraction works every day at every second – whether you acknowledge that or not. However, you do have a choice in how you make the law of attraction work for you. If you are thankful for what you have, you will attract more to you to be thankful for. Your life will be better, and so will the lives of those around you.

When you evaluate your needs, look deep within your heart and ask yourself what you will be remembered for when you are gone. Will you be remembered for what you accomplished for yourself in life? Or, will you be remembered as someone who helped other people reach their goals?

Be aware when you evaluate your needs. Think back on the last year for a moment. Jot down the things you acquired or accomplished and understand that these were things you needed. We always attract what we need. If your goals were not met, you may have been trying to accomplish something unnecessary. Stop and take a look at your life and what you have accomplished to date. You have met some goals, not others. Focus on your accomplishments, not your shortcomings. Focus on your needs/goals, be thankful for what you have, and help others – that’s the key to achieving what you want in life.