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Reserve Thy Judgment

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Reserve Thy Judgment

It is easier to say, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” than it is to practice the precept. Keep in mind that nothing is inherently good or bad, right or wrong until you judge it as such, and then it is merely your perception. Therefore, by definition, judgment is, in fact, one’s perception of a given event, person, action, or thing. 

Shakespeare once wrote of the qualities of man’s character in Hamlet, warning us to “reserve thy judgment.” One of the greatest ironies of judgment is that often we believe we are practicing positive thinking patterns when we judge, convinced that we are right. However, the mere act of judging is harmful. To judge is to rate something or someone using your opinion as the scale. Sometimes your opinion is based on certain theologies, philosophies, or doctrines handed down for generations, but that does not negate the fact that your judgment is still your opinion. We judge when we want others to learn our lessons.

Judging – whether judging others, their actions, events, or anything else – is a process of rating according to your opinion and perception. But really, who are we to judge? Can we believe that we have the right or are in a position to judge? And, isn’t the act of judging one that affords us self-appointed righteousness? Our perceptions change throughout our lifetime – from childhood to teenage to adulthood to elderly – so, at what age do we judge rightly?

Man was given the power to think freely, and we often abuse this privilege by performing such acts as judgment with our minds. It is a difficult trait to overcome, a hard habit to break if it has become commonplace in one’s life; however, when you attain a higher level of consciousness (when you become in tune in soul and spirit), the need or urge to judge will dissipate. It becomes no longer necessary. It will no longer be a part of your life or thinking.

When you reach this state of consciousness, you will be overcome with a sense of loving and acceptance. This feeling will wash over your being and affect your every waking moment. You will not need to judge others. You will love them more and expect less from them. Your ability to give unconditional love will be automatic. You will be living a life of peace, one of harmonious resonance with spirit and soul. Judgment will not be a part of that state of being anymore.