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Resonating With Health

Announcement: : Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have rescheduled our June Animal B.E.S.T. program to September 18-20. Also, we have postponed our April B.E.S.T. Training in Salt Lake City, our May Personal Care program in Arkansas, and our June B.E.S.T. Training in Chicago. We will reschedule these events as the current restrictions are lifted.

Resonating With Health

Resonance is the key to health – the resonance of the body responding to the frequency of its personal surrounding field. The field sets the tone of the body. If the frequency (or rhythm) of the field is not synchronized with the frequency of the primary energy source of the universe, the body will also be out of synch.

The body resonates with its contiguous field. That is, it vibrates sympathetically, as with some source of sound or electric oscillations. If the body is a “refection” of its field, and if the frequency of the field is not quite synchronized with the universal field, then the body does not resonate with the universal field, and pain, illness, depression, and/or disease must occur.

So, what exactly determines the frequency of your field? The primary “nurturer” of your field is your thoughts. For most people, most of the time, those affecting thoughts are self-generated. The energy of each thought, which is accompanied by feelings, “feeds” your field. When your thoughts and feelings are positive – love, joy, forgiveness, contentment – your field is fed with positive energy. On the other hand, when your field is fed with negative energy – fear, hate, judgment, bigotry, jealousy, anxiety, and all of the other emotions that “ruin your day” – your field is diminished. Positive energy adds to your field: it “feeds” your field and is field-enhancing. Negative energy diminishes your field: it negates (or neutralizes the positive energy of) the field and is field-destroying. Your thoughts determine the “health” of your field, and the “health” of your field determines your physical and mental health.

The next most important factor determining your field health is what you put into your body. That is: food, drugs (either prescription or over-the-counter, or recreational including alcohol and nicotine), atmospheric pollutants, electromagnetic pollution of man-made equipment, or other substances. With a focus on food, because everybody eats, but not everybody uses drugs or lives in a highly polluted (atmospheric or electromagnetic) area, the type of food you eat affects the energy of your field. Highly processed foods are particularly field-destructive. Microwaved foods, of which the molecular structure has been altered, teeter between neutral and negative. However, the negative effects of inappropriate food can be greatly diminished by feeding your field the positive energy of field-enhancing thoughts!