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Set Your Intentions!

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Set Your Intentions!

When you set your intentions, you activate areas of your brain that allow your intentions to become a part of your reality. The process begins with a dream or wish. It occurs in the prefrontal area of your brain as a thought. Thoughts come and go, and some never come to fruition. To achieve your dream, you must move your energy to a higher energy level – desire. During the “desire process,” a feeling is created in your conscious prefrontal cortex. Feelings and pictures created in your conscious mind allow your dreams to move to your subconscious or unconscious mind. This is a crucial step because your unconscious mind is the area of your brain that activates the law of attraction. 

Some people believe that the law of attraction occurs in the conscious mind, but if you stop and think about it, you will realize this cannot be true. No one would become sick unless they wanted to become ill, and no one would have bad relationships unless they wished for them. We would all have abundance in our lives. By this logic, we know more than the conscious mind is involved in achieving our dreams.

Once our desires move from our conscious mind to our subconscious mind, we need to set our intention. 

The power of intention is genuinely remarkable. Here’s a closer look: 

Studies show that when we connect plants to sensitive machines capable of sensing slight changes in surface resistance, we can detect their interpretation of our intentions. If the human mind has a simple, passing thought about harming a connected plant, it will not respond to the thought with a change in resistance. However, if the human mind intends to harm the plant, it will respond by increasing its resistance. But, wait, there’s more. Plants can learn. That’s right! So, if a person intends to harm a plant but doesn’t follow through with action, the plant will eventually realize that the person’s intention is not real and stop responding. 

If you truly intend to accomplish your dream(s), you will start to pay attention to the actions involved in obtaining it. So, do you want to carry a thought to accomplish it as a dream? Obtain the desire to achieve it and set your intention with action steps! Just remember: 

  • First, a dream or wish occurs in your mind as a thought. 
  • Next, you gain a desire to accomplish your dream.
  • And then, you must activate the all-powerful law of intention.

You have the power!