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Sharing Energy

Sharing Energy

Although we are “Me-centered” individuals with our own likes and dislikes, personalities, beliefs, and thoughts, our purpose is to learn that we are to project or share energy as well as consume energy.  And we project the most intense energy when we experience and express unconditional love.  The steps we have taken to be able to share our own energy are those that reduce the amount of negativity in our thoughts, feelings, and field.  We can’t eliminate negativity from our lives.  But we can certainly learn how to neutralize the negative energy we carry with us in body, mind, and field.  And when we learn to do that, we have learned the greatest lesson we can.

Everything you experience in life, every thought, every action, every feeling, and every response affects your body and your personal field.  Since the health of your body is a reflection of the degree of creative chaos in our field, a physical problem indicates that your field needs attention.  Too much organizing negativity has filtered into your field so that not all of the field-energy information is available to your body.

Every life experience is a lesson waiting to be learned.  You learn a lesson when you recognize that every experience you have in life benefits you in some way, and you are thankful for the lesson.  Sincere thankfulness for the opportunity to learn a life lesson does more than neutralize negativity.  Being thankful is the catalyst of your own personal “catalytic converter.”  And you know the purpose of a catalytic converter – to reduce harmful emissions into harmless products.  Forgiving and learning convert negative thought energy that pollutes your field with organizing energy into positive thought energy that slips into your field without disturbing the wholeness of chaos.

The all-encompassing personal field is the “generator” that provides perfect, complete energy to the body.  When negative thoughts and feelings impact the field, some of the vital field energy information that is the power source of life is “lost.”  It isn’t lost in space; it is still in your field.  But it isn’t accessible to you, so it may as well be lost in space.  For the body to function at its best, and for you to function at your best, you need access to all of the energy of your fully-equipped energy field.  Forgiveness combined with thankfulness and lesson learning reduces interference in the transmission of complete energy communication.

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