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Shine Your Light!

Young woman with raised up arms and mountains at sunset

Shine Your Light!

Dr. Ted here! I spoke with one of our members the other day, and they openly admitted that sometimes everything seems like a struggle. Challenges with co-workers, family relationships, money issues, and even personal health didn’t seem to be going in the direction they wanted. There were people in their life doing things they disagreed with and “forcing” them to respond in a certain way. I listened for some time and finally had to break the pattern. I asked a simple question, looking for a spontaneous response, “Do you feel your purpose – your existence – is to be a shining beacon of light, or not?”

And there was hesitation and confusion. But here’s the reason I even asked the question. I believe the world is a friendly place. I depend on this daily as I move forward with my mission in life. Do I feel setbacks often? Of course, I do. At least daily, I encounter an unexpected challenge – a quirk in the plan. This is when I revert to my foundational beliefs – the “why I’m here on this earth” thinking. I believe when things seem to be getting out of control in my life, the answers will become apparent if I can quiet my brain chatter – the little voice that keeps us all from our greatness. And, when I tune that out, I hear things from a higher source. 

This is how I learn.

I was serious when I asked the question about being a shining beacon of light. Though it’s not easy, successful people – leaders – take time to listen and do things others overlook. Leading is shining light with intensity so great that it lights a path for others to follow. My father, Dr. M. T. Morter Jr., was a true leader – a light for others to follow. 

He showed us all a path of light.

So, here is what I do when I start to feel frustrated. 

I will stop and look for the lesson I can learn from the situation. And, there’s always a lesson to learn. Since the world is inherently friendly, what is my purpose for being in the situation? What can I learn from the challenge, and how do I become a better person because of this “opportunity”? Then, how can this help me be a better leader? 

This is where the “shining” part of the discussion comes in. Shining your light is about leading by example. Not an easy thing to embrace, but truthfully the change you want in others starts within. Rather than trying to “win” every time, realize it’s not about changing anyone and certainly not about being right. It just never works out well when I/we try to change anything about someone else.  

I encourage you to reflect on the situations you feel are the most challenging and realize you are in that situation for a purpose. It’s not to change anyone else but to shine your light. Life situations aren’t by chance. What is perceived as your challenges are your opportunities to grow and live in the abundant light you may be hiding deep within yourself. 

So, let it go and let it shine! Have faith in a higher power – a higher purpose.  

Use your power to brighten up darkness wherever you go. 

Lead by example. Have the courage to break away from how you’ve always reacted before. Become the solution by using your God-given talents and ambitions. Remember, you don’t need to shine your light where it is already bright. It’s like taking a new flashlight outside in the noon sun and complaining that it doesn’t work. It’s not needed there, is it? Move way beyond your comfort zone. 

The bottom line is: that you can make choices. It’s called free will. You have the right to enjoy the benefits of your choices or the consequences, depending on your choice. Choose the high road. Lead by example and be the change you desire.