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Singing the Praises of Vitamin C

Singing the Praises of Vitamin C

The delicate balance of the acid/alkaline minerals in your system is measured by pH testing. Simply put, the pH of the body reflects the amount of minerals, which are readily available. A foundational premise of the Morter Nutritional Program is pH balance, and this balance is reflected in the saliva and urine of the body. Simple testing of your saliva pH helps you evaluate your alkalinity and mineral reserve, and determines how your body is dealing with stress. It’s a health index evaluation process, not a disease identifying process.

Saliva pH testing is done in two stages: a before and after. The “before” gives you the pH of your saliva when you haven’t eaten anything for 2 hours. The “after” pH shows the response to a sudden, intense “influx” of acid. We developed our product, Chew C Berry®, to be used as a healthy way to provide the introduction of an acid into the equation. The objective is to determine if the response of body, reflected in the saliva pH, to the Chew C Berry® is appropriate. There is a complete pH testing protocol available in our pH Your Potential for Health booklet.

Vitamin C is necessary for growth development and repair of all body tissues. Often used to improve the immune system, studies show vitamin C, when taken for colds and flu, can reduce the risk of developing further complications such as pneumonia and lung infections.

Recent research, reflected on WebMD, shows vitamin C was beneficial to individuals whose immune system was weakened due to stress. The study found, “because vitamin C is one of the nutrients sensitive to stress, and [is] the first nutrient to be depleted in alcoholics, smokers, and obese individuals, it makes it an ideal marker for overall health.”

Vitamin C is also involved in protein metabolism. It’s an important antioxidant and has been shown to regenerate other antioxidants within the body.

Health is dynamic – ever changing. Promoting health is a way of life – not a one-time thing. When you realize your body responds to everything you put into your mouth, eating takes on a whole new flavor! Monitoring your saliva pH with the help of Chew C Berry®, can encourage you to make better choices and take charge of your health! And, that’s a great habit for 2020 and beyond.

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