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Such an EXCITING and BUSY Spring at Morter HealthSystem!

Such an EXCITING and BUSY Spring at Morter HealthSystem!

It’s a busy Spring here at Morter HealthSystem! We have an exciting B.E.S.T. training coming up in Phoenix on May 3-4, with Dr. Walter Parish and Melissa Higby teaching this acclaimed work. This is the Certification level of study, where you will learn to access the Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (S.E.M.O) pattern by first balancing the physical nervous system, and then the emotional system by utilizing 6 Emotional Trigger Pairs followed by a Nutritional check. This B.E.S.T. training is available to you through the Certification Study Program or by audit.

For the first time, we are hosting a Financial Fitness Workshop at Morter Farm on May 3-5, featuring financial experts Bryan Dodge and Garrett Gunderson, both of whom are best-selling authors and financial coaches who specialize in personal and business financial results. We’ve put together this program because finances (or the lack of having a handle on them!) cause a lot of worry and stress . . . and that is certainly a health and life concern! This powerful event is sold-out, but you might be thinking about joining us the next time we offer the program.

Spiritual B.E.S.T. is coming up quickly afterward on May 9-12 in Indianapolis with Dr. Sue Morter. This powerful work is reserved for Certified B.E.S.T. practitioners. Spiritual B.E.S.T. is a newly revealed application of what we have been using for forty years to help heal unresolved issues in our clients’ lives. It addresses the “How do I begin to perceive from the Front Side of the Model of Life” question. The “How do I begin to see, think, and feel like the creative individual I truly am?” question no longer needs to be a mystery and a frustration. We no longer have to create what we do NOT want, in order to determine what we DO want. We can begin from the beginning and move forward with confidence that we are on the right path. Melissa will also be joining you all at this exciting program.

June 7-9 is the much-talked-about Animal B.E.S.T. program at beautiful Morter Farm. As we do each year, we have worked with animals throughout the year and gained insight from animal specialists as we add new protocols and additions to the Animal B.E.S.T. work. Things like a method for calming an agitated animal before the actual procedure begins, as well as an all-new addition of Essential Oils to aid in physical and behavioral healing. We are VERY excited by a profound interest in our Animal B.E.S.T. work from holistic veterinarians and other animal practitioners working with rescue animals all over the East Coast. Please consider adding this work to your toolbox, so you are able to bring health and happiness to the animals in your area.

Want more information on attending these programs? Call the office at 800.874.1478 and ask for Melissa!