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Take on 2023 with More Energy!

Achieve your weight loss and health goals in 2023 with a focus on balance and increased energy.

Take on 2023 with More Energy!

One of the most common goals people have is to lose weight. And the various methods people have for meeting their weight loss goals increase with each new fad. Eat more protein; eat less protein; cut carbs out; eat only carbs; eat no fat; eat lots of fat; eat only natural sugar; eat no sugar, and on and on. It’s truly a hamster wheel of information or misinformation. So, where do we get on or off the hamster wheel?

The truth is, it’s possible to find an “expert” on every corner who will declare any and all diet types as the perfect plan for a healthy body. From grapefruit and eggs to low carb and high protein plans, to alcohol is acceptable, or that sugar isn’t that bad, it’s difficult to trust anything or anyone.

Years ago, Morter HealthSystem began a journey to better understand the mechanics of not just healthy weight loss, but more importantly to discover a healthy dietary plan, which is doable and long-lasting. And our research and discoveries led us to body chemistry and pH as being the keys. Our research results surprised us as much as anyone when it came down to what exactly we all should be eating.

When authors, who had sold millions of books, touted Dr. M.T. Morter Jr., the founder of Morter HealthSystem, as deserving of the Nobel Prize for his work on pH, that work certainly deserved attention. As it turns out, pH is the key to a healthy balanced body and an absolute must in the challenge to lose weight. Fat is burned most efficiently in an alkaline environment – a slightly alkaline pH. The alkaline minerals play an integral role in this important metabolic process.

The secret is how to burn the fat while feeling good, avoiding headaches, and having ample energy and mental clarity during the process. And the key to this is a proprietary blend of carefully selected powders providing the minerals and supporting elements necessary to burn fat in an alkaline environment.

There was nothing like this available here in the USA, to our knowledge and research, so we had to look to the other side of the planet to find the necessary elements to complete our Alka·Slim® formulation.

We were able to discover the exact formulation and portions of various products, some of which are only grown in the nearly inaccessible mountains of the Far East, and when blended in exact scientific proportions, have proven to deliver on our knowledge of exactly what it takes to lose weight the healthy and alkaline way.  

Our research into the formulation of Alka·Slim®, now with nearly 30 years in production, confirms the chemistry behind alkalizing the body and losing weight as being the secret to success. Formulating the exact and proprietary blend of the many vitamins and minerals required for healthy weight loss has taken us around the world and back to bring this product to you.

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