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The 2019 Updates of B.E.S.T.!

The 2019 Updates of B.E.S.T.!

Changes to the B.E.S.T. Technique procedure aren’t taken lightly here at Morter HealthSystem. That’s why we are super excited to be able to announce 2019 updates to the procedure at the upcoming Elite Diplomate/ Elite Master event, September 19-22. And, these aren’t just changes/additions to the people B.E.S.T. procedure; these are also changes/additions to the Animal B.E.S.T. procedure!

With the opening of our Medical Detox/Brain Optimization clinic, we are using B.E.S.T., our signature Brain Optimization NAD+ protocols, and other holistic and medical protocols to effectively treat addiction. Our trademark protocols include Release/Recover/Restore® to regain brain function and optimization. We have SO many new methods of B.E.S.T. treatment to share with all our practitioners. Visit us at www.recoveruscenters.com

And, over the past few months, Dr. Tom and I have been researching and testing the effects of various essential oils when used with B.E.S.T., looking to see how they enhance and help maintain the results of each treatment. Since humans and animals are carbon-based just like plants, extracted essential oils are compatible and highly beneficial in the promotion of physical, mental and emotional health. The results we’ve seen in treating people and animals with the addition of these essential oils are amazing! We will cover new protocols for this at the September event.

When we were approached by the essential oil company doTERRA to share our Animal B.E.S.T. technique with their over 7 million Wellness Advocates, we recognized the miraculous opportunity. Now, as Diamond members of the organization, we will be able to share B.E.S.T. to their members – a huge step in bringing B.E.S.T. to the attention of a bigger, MUCH bigger overall audience and thus really affecting the health of mankind…and animals, worldwide. We hope you’ll consider joining us on TEAM MORTER in doTERRA. For more information on how to do that, please email Janna at jmorter@yahoo.com.

And, we were able to expand that vision to bringing B.E.S.T. Technique to First Responder and Veteran groups through our contacts made in doTERRA. The opportunities are seemingly endless – SO many people and animals out there need the miracle of B.E.S.T. in their lives! And, you are B.E.S.T.! You will be who we need to help us make a difference for these people and animals at events around the country!

We will outline all of these opportunities and update the B.E.S.T. Technique and protocols when you join us at the Elite Diplomate/Elite Master event in September. If you have been certified in B.E.S.T. Technique, you are welcome and encouraged to attend! Inner Circle Members attend both events for FREE and will receive a complimentary copy of the recordings of both eventsCurrent study program members who are repeating Elite Diplomate and/or Elite Master can repeat these events for only $149. Elite Diplomate and Elite Master practitioners who are not currently enrolled in a study program may repeat both classes for only $299. Those Certified in B.E.S.T. can add the Elite Diplomate and Elite Master Study programs for 40% off of the combination price of $2997 making both study programs only $1798, and by doing so would receive 24 months of member benefits, access to the online e-study for the Diplomate and Master levels and the program attendance. This special pricing is only available to you if you sign up before August 15th!

The future is bright for MHS and our B.E.S.T. practitioners as we join forces with others sharing our vision. The possibilities are unlimited and the potential is huge! Please join us in September!