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The 6 Essentials for Your Pets!

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The 6 Essentials for Your Pets!

As we prepare for the Animal B.E.S.T. training weekend at Morter Farm on June 10th through 12th, it’s important to share some basic information about something vital to your pet’s health – your choices in the 6 Essentials! Because the truth is, your pet’s health is a direct reflection of what they eat and drink, how they exercise and rest, what they breathe, and what they think, just as it is with us. With humans, the most important of the Essentials is “what you think.” In your pets, it’s “what they eat.” 

Whether you make your homemade food or add fresh ingredients to a high-quality natural pre-packaged food, your pet’s diet must include raw ingredients. 

The processing necessary for either canning or drying your pet’s food removes its life force, including enzymes that allow proper digestion. These same enzymes also play an essential role in their immune system, blood, organ function, and, most importantly, cellular activity. 

All living things survive at the cellular level. Cells organize into tissues of similar cells, which communicate through the nervous system and other energy systems. The optimal communication between organs and their control center, the brain, creates a homeostasis state of being in humans and animals. Homeostasis is only possible when adequate nutrients are available at the cellular level.

What your dog/pet eats is paramount for their lasting health. Most commercial pet foods contain preservatives, color enhancers, foreign chemicals, pesticides, and diseased animal byproducts with meager standards and minimal production regulations. All ignored by an industry controlled by the lobbying efforts of large-scale pet food producers whose focus is on the bottom line, making your pet’s health the least of their concerns. 

In humans, studies show that over-processed “fast foods” are linked to life-threatening conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. So, why wouldn’t some of these same low-cost, highly processed ingredients also cause similar problems in our pets? It appears they do! According to The Veterinary Cancer Society, cancer is the leading cause of death in 47% of dogs over age ten and 32% of cats.  

Make good choices with your pets in all 6 Essential areas while keeping your pets balanced with B.E.S.T.. We can help you keep your pet around for a good long time living a healthy, happy life! 

Consider attending the upcoming Animal B.E.S.T. training, where you will learn how to make the best choices for your pet’s health, and leave our training with the knowledge that you have done virtually everything possible to help balance your furry friend!  

The key to your pet’s health is making the correct choices “with them” and keeping their body balanced with B.E.S.T.. Call us for more information and register for our upcoming class at 1-800-874-1478. See you at Animal B.E.S.T.!