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The Basics

Two Asian students studying together at university.

The Basics

If you think the “basics” can be a bit drab and find yourself constantly wanting to jump ahead to the “fun stuff,” you’re not alone! Many people rush through the “basics” to get to the more interesting information. 

Perhaps you believe advanced work is where the real power lies? But, here’s the reality: true power is in the basics, and mastering them builds your foundation and character. Creating a solid foundation provides you with a springboard to what comes next. 

A good example is if you don’t understand the basics of chess, you’ll never have the proper foundational support to understand the game’s more delicate nuances. The same is true for knowing and perfecting the basics of B.E.S.T. Building a solid B.E.S.T. foundation allows you to understand higher levels of treatment and philosophy later.

Learning the basics of any new skill isn’t always fun and rarely seems quick, but it is critical. It’s about discipline, focus, and repetition. Learn the basics over and over until it becomes second nature. That’s the key. 

So what are some ways you can focus on and master the basics of building a B.E.S.T. practice, or any other business for that matter, most effectively?

Begin with the end in mind. What is your ideal practice or business? Envision exactly what you want your business or practice to become, so you know how to achieve your end goal.  

Expect a lot from yourself – set your standards high and make your goals BIG goals. Doing this removes any self-imposed psychological ceiling on your ultimate level of achievement.

Imagine you will eventually teach these skills to someone else. Know what you’re doing so thoroughly that you can explain your skills and assist someone else in learning and succeeding.

Avoid the complicated. Question the assumption that the solution to your current challenge is complex. The problem likely results from a shortcoming in one or more basic skills. And, rarely is some fancy equipment going to be the answer. If you can’t snowboard, an Olympic-level, top-of-the-line snowboard isn’t going to help you become a better snowboarder. Maybe it’s time to brush up on a few basic skills.

Utilize your time more efficiently to accomplish your goals, dreams, and desires. What are you willing to give up to achieve your goals? Instead of sleeping until 7:00 in the morning, are you willing and ready to get up an hour earlier to practice your skills?

Practice what you preach. Do you do the Morter March every morning when you get up and at night before you go to bed? Do you take your supplements each day? Do you eat a diet of 75% fruits and vegetables and 25% meats, grains, and nuts? Do you get B.E.S.T. treatments regularly? People are attracted to what you do more than what you say.  

Thoroughly mastering the basics will take time, but it’s time well spent. There are no shortcuts to real success.