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The BEST Autumn

The BEST Autumn

Coming up on 45 years now, we have been working, training, and helping people improve their quality of life. And now, we’re expanding our vision. We are taking steps to give more and help you give more. From opening our first substance abuse rehab and brain restoration clinic, RecoverUS, in Illinois, which uses B.E.S.T. as part of its protocol, to our new association with doTERRA and all of the good they are doing with their products around the world, to expanding the teaching of B.E.S.T. in more countries, Morter HealthSystem is moving forward in our quest to improve the health of mankind, worldwide.

Our abundance mindset has driven Morter HealthSystem throughout the years. We believe there are more than enough resources to fulfill the desires of all the people within a society, a far more inspiring and productive way to look at the world. Scarcity is completely fear based. Abundance is faith based. Because you succeed, doesn’t take anything away from anyone else and vice versa. There is enough success, money, happiness and love for everyone.

This Thanksgiving, we are most thankful for each of you who continues to find a place for us in your heart and your life. And, as we expand our vision more and more in the new year of 2020, which is the beginning of a 7-year up-cycle for us, we invite you to play even bigger with us. We invite you to join us in our service to others. It’s a path to personal leadership – it’s a path to being the healing light. And, because we all have the power to affect change, we believe change will come.

We believe more and more people will awaken to their personal responsibility. We believe disease and addiction can be healed and made unnecessary in the future. Our vision is big, and in 2020 sowing well through our acts of service and love will lead to an abundant harvest for all.

Wishing you and yours a most wonderful season of thankfulness.