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The BEST Time to Alkalize is Now!

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The BEST Time to Alkalize is Now!

As it turns out, understanding the pH of the body might very well be the key to regaining and maintaining vibrant health. Tipping the scales slightly to an alkaline pH is, in our clinically based research backed up by science, the path to not only avoid trips to the doctor, but is also the best path to increased body function. 

Your body was designed to thrive on necessary alkaline minerals, which nature has provided . . . kind of.  The truth is, our food supply has become less and less alkaline mineral based, and more and more dependent on mineral-void processed foods. We need alkaline minerals in greater amounts and as a mainstay of our diet now more than ever before. The challenge lies in the sources we currently have for these minerals. Sure, we tout “organic” as the key to a healthy alternative, and yes, this choice is a must. And, even more important is the actual mineral content in those “organic” food sources. What we know is as our soil becomes more and more depleted of its mineral content each year, the plant sources we consume are nothing like they were even 40 years ago. These are scientific facts.

So, what do we do to compensate for the depleted mineral supply in our foods? How do we return to feeling more energetic, more alert, and regain our healthy bodies? We need alkaline minerals! We must alkalize our bodies with real food-based alkaline minerals, which is why Dr. Morter began this research in the first place. And, here’s what he discovered.  The most potent source of alkaline minerals available in our diet comes from barley grass. However, not all barley grass products are equal. Dr. Morter spent years developing relationships with growers, importers, and actual farmers seeking out the level-best sources of this amazing, alkalizing, food-based product: Alka•Green®

This plant is specifically grown in the northern climate, so the roots are forced to grow very deep. And, the deeper the roots can penetrate, the better the extraction of the minerals from the soil. Then through the miracle of photosynthesis, barley is grown and harvested. But, it’s not harvested at just any time. The barley plant must be picked with exact timing for a better concentration of the minerals in the leaves. Many growers will allow the plants to grow for longer periods of time, which certainly increases the total plant weight, but as the plant grows taller it loses its concentration of the much-needed alkaline minerals. Next, the plants must be cooled, juiced and, ultimately, cold-processed to remain enzymatically active. This is a key element to bring you a “live food” supplement to your diet.

So, no pesticides, no insecticides, organically grown and produced, no chemical fertilizers, never diluted, naturally concentrated by the growing plant, loaded with naturally chelated colloidal alkaline minerals, vitamin packed, and loaded with natures perfect amino acid ratios. That’s Alka•Green®