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The Giving Vibration

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The Giving Vibration

When was the last time you heard the saying “It’s better to give than to receive”? The “better” is really the difference in the energetic vibration “giving” to someone else creates. It does feel good to give to someone in need, no matter what form that giving is in.

And, there are just so many ways to give! You can give of your time by volunteering at your church, charitable organizations, hospitals, schools, etc. Time is a valuable and precious commodity. No one can make any more of it, and we all have only so much of it! Therefore, your time is a wonderful gift. 

You can give your expertise on certain topics or areas you may be knowledgeable in. This is much more appreciated when it is actually sought out! However, by sharing your expertise with others, you may actually be saving them time and money. They may learn what works and what doesn’t work before spending large amounts of time and money on a project. You may be able to help them learn what they don’t want in order to know what they do want.

You could choose to give money. This is a great gift, as most all projects and organizations require capital infusion to come to completion or to remain active. Money is always appreciated, and when used properly it can provide a wide variety of much-needed solutions. In certain situations, you can even set up a “matching contribution” gift, which inspires others to give as well, since they realize their gift can double. The University of Arkansas has used this strategy to help raise hundreds of millions of dollars with the Walmart, Tyson, and JB Hunt Foundations. Get your creative giving juices flowing for ways you can really help financially if you are in a position to do that!

You can also give service. This may include your time and your expertise. When we ran a full-time practice, we would gift our services by hosting no-charge, patient appreciation days just to give back to our community that had supported us for decades and generations!

You may choose to give food or other household items, as they are always needed and appreciated. Food insecurity is a real problem in most communities.  Over the years, we all accumulate a lot of “things.” If you don’t LOVE it anymore, it’s time you share it with another who will.

The point here is very simple. There are many ways to give.  Are you giving something to someone or some organization that provides benefits? Does it make you feel good? Does it change the way you vibrate and, therefore, resonate to raise your frequency?  If you try it, we think you’ll see that indeed it does. So, if you tend to get the blues during the holiday season, try raising your vibration through giving.  Because we know you have so much to give!