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The Greatest Lesson

The Greatest Lesson

The most positive feeling available to humankind is that of unconditional love. This is the love new parents feel for their child. The child does nothing to earn the love; all it needs is to be. And as the child grows and becomes more independent, even when parents don’t like the actions of their child, the unconditional love survives. Unconditional love involves thankfulness. When you practice sincere thankfulness, you project into your field the most precious element you have: the energy of yourself. You were created from perfection and retain that perfection in your subconscious.

Unconditional love is not a rational feeling. It doesn’t come about through logic and reasoning. It can’t be earned and it can’t be bought. Unconditional love comes from your core of perfection. When you feel unconditional love, you project that love into your field. And, forgiveness and thankfulness are the seeds of unconditional love.

Although we are “me-centered” individuals with our own likes and dislikes, personalities, beliefs and thoughts, our purpose is to learn that we are to project– or share – energy as well as consume energy. And we project the most intense energy when we experience and express unconditional love. The steps we take to be able to share our own energy are those that reduce the amount of negativity in our thoughts, feelings, and field. We can’t eliminate negativity from our lives. However, we can certainly learn how to neutralize the negative energy we carry with us in body, mind and field. And when we learn to do that, we have learned the greatest lesson we can.

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