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The Journey to Forgiving the Past

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The Journey to Forgiving the Past

Most uncomfortable feeling experiences we have involve other people. The other people may be a large bureaucratic agency that has inflicted economic or judicial trauma on you or on one of your loved ones. Or, you may feel slighted or hurt by an individual. No matter how large the cast of characters, you can generally find one person who is the focal point of your rancor. This is important, because forgiveness needs to be specific, focused. That’s because emotion is involved. Forgiving the entire government or the whole membership of your church won’t be as effective for you. You need to be able to envision a person – assigning someone specific for your senses to experience. The more vividly you can visualize, the more associative areas of your subconscious mind will be stimulated and neutralized by the forgiveness process. And, though it’s tempting to want to believe you can, you really can’t just forget these uncomfortable experiences of the past. However, you can do something much better – you can “neutralize” the impact they have on your physiology and life.

To be effective, forgiveness must include positive emotion. Don’t just say it; mean it. And, for the best results, the positive emotion must be as potent as the original negative emotion. Of course, conjuring up positive emotions when you are the injured party can be difficult. After all, if negative emotions weren’t involved, there wouldn’t be anything to forgive, right?!

However, you don’t have to try for an instant love-conversion for the emotional process to be effective. There are two methods of storing information in your subconscious – short-term intensity or long-term repetition. In the same way, forgiveness can come in an instant surge, or it can come as a steady drip, drip, drip. You don’t necessarily need a downpour of positive; a gentle sprinkle will do for starters. Then when you get your feet wet with a little positive in the situation, you can gradually wade in deeper and deeper. And, you will find that once the seal of negative has been broken, positive will seep in more easily. That’s because a little positive attracts more positive!

You can’t “forget” the memories stored in your subconscious, but you can change the “charge” of the feelings that are stored with the memories. Adding any amount of positive reduces the potency of the original negative. That’s the objective: to transform negative “not comforting to me” feelings in your subconscious to positive “comforting to me” feelings.