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The Neuro-Science of Master Communicators

The Neuro-Science of Master Communicators

Brain patterns and effective communication are closely tied together. The pattern for successful communication is in there, just not connected within the entire brain. It starts with upper conscious brain thought and drops down into the subconscious areas, which are more automatic and defined. The subconscious brain only responds to the thinking upper brain and carries out the thought/wishes without reservation or judgment. When we communicate ideas and thoughts, we deliver the conversation based entirely on the patterns stored within our subconscious brain. The question is: Can we change these patterns and shift our conversation to reflect the new shift?

New connections and synchronization of the mind(s) are vital to successful communication. Previously thought of as “etched in stone,” our belief brain patterns might be cloaking our feelings and current thinking. The latest research involving brain science refers to the brain as being more pliable and shapeable than previously believed. This phenomena, referred to as neuroplasticity, gives us hope regarding actually being able to change our brain, change our perception, and be more effective with our communication.

Effective communication begins with predictable and defined parameters. It’s vital to know the desired outcome of the conversation at the onset. The brain can change and mold into anything we desire, once we know the process. The process is designed to update the brain pattern to allow the opportunity for better communication. Here are several steps to begin the process:

  1. Get a clear focus on the goal. If the goal is to speak with your spouse, boss, clients, etc., more effectively, be very specific as to what your focus represents to you personally. How can you be calm and collected? What has worked before and what hasn’t?
  2. Identify how you feel about the goal. List the encouragements, challenges, fears, and “are you good enough?” concerns. If negative, replace the negative feelings with a positive opposite. Think of the feelings as the “clue” to your hold backs. How you feel is just that…a feeling. And, feelings can be updated.
  3. Update the brain with a new pattern. Use the Morter March to imprint a new pattern update. Join in on Morter March Monday every Monday at 9:00 am CDT on the Morter HealthSystem Facebook page, or learn the Morter March at

Define your goal regarding effective communication. Synchronize your brain to the goal with Morter March, self-muscle test, or/and find a Morter Practitioner in your area to go even deeper into the process. By improving your Brain Pattern, you’re off to the races with great communicative confidence.