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The Power of Practicing Mental Imaging

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The Power of Practicing Mental Imaging

It is knowing the universal energy or intelligence and applying it in your own life, which can and will lead you to good health, happiness and success. Knowing the power of your mind can set you free to become whomever you choose to be. This knowledge will actually assure that you receive what you desire. The key is to picture yourself exactly the way you choose to become – see yourself as if you are already that way. Know, by doing this, you are that way. You have created it in the spiritual realm, and it will come about in the physical. You are capable of good health; you can score high grades; your store can be number one in sales; you have met your professional goals; you are really happy; you weigh your desired weight, or whatever you wish. The point is that you must believe this to be true, without doubt, or fear. Beyond believing is knowing. And, always be thankful for all you have!

It is best to set aside a specific time to do this mental imaging. Choose a time of day, which you find you are the most creative and will not be disturbed. You may be a morning person, have peaceful alone time at lunch, or feel your most open just before bedtime. Choose a time that works best for you. The key is to do some serious, deep mental imaging. Focus on seeing your goals already accomplished. Believe you have succeeded in whatever you desire to achieve. As the old adage goes, “I see,” said the blind man to his deaf son.” It is possible to see without looking and hear without listening.

You can use affirmations to help you with this exercise, especially at first. You may want to write down your specific goal in the form of a positive statement. These are “I am” statements. You may have only a few “I ams” or you may have a long list. For example: “I am the number one salesman on the team.” “I am the perfect size.” “I am in vibrant good health, with a perfectly functioning heart.” The great thing about an “I am” is that you can personalize it to your specifications. During your mental imaging sessions, repeat your “I am” statements over and over. You may need to read them initially, but you will find that soon you are able to move through them without the need of your list.