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The Road to Mastery

The Road to Mastery

Dr. Ted here! I asked Dr. Morter in one of our last interviews – point blank – How do you know if it’s enough? Is being a Master a thing or a way of being? And, since that moment I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve come to understand that leading a masterful life is about realizing that the power of God – the power to heal – is right there for the taking. It’s right there for everyone to embrace and enjoy. And, this power is all encompassing should you choose to listen. Often, our mind plays tricks on us, and we lose sight of the real power. The power we all have from deep within will permeate our lives if we simply let it unfold. Mastery is about just that. Mastery is about releasing the inner potential, the energetic patterning we were born with yet, unconsciously, have subdued most of our lives.

Mastery is not about competing to be the best or climbing to the “top”; it’s about the inner peace of knowing you are in the right place and on the right journey – knowing you have all that you need to achieve the excellence you seek. It might not be an easy road to take, the road to excellence, but if you are becoming excellent at something you are passionate about, that road becomes a bit friendlier. That’s because passion is a powerful motivator. It fuels your amount of focus, your level of resilience and your continuing perseverance. I remember the movie clip from The Karate Kid, “wax on wax off” and how silly it seemed back then. If only I knew back then what I know now. To reach the upper levels of excellence, you must activate the plastic nature of the brain and cause it to form new patterns. That’s how B.E.S.T. helps you on your journey.

Join Dr. Tom and me to help you on your road to Mastery. We’ll show you new ways to use the science of B.E.S.T. along with the leverage of Universal Energy to propel you to the next level – to push you toward your purpose and destiny. It all began as a dream of one man and has spread to the world. We will bring the latest updates of the Body/Mind/Spirit work to each of you, just like Dr. Morter asked us to do. Make plans to attend the Elite Diplomate/Elite Master event September 20-23. Call 800-874-1478 for all the information on how you can attend.