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The True Power of Love

The True Power of Love

Each time you perform an act of love, you feed your spiritual field with positive energy.  This serves to heal the soul.  So, make it a part of your life to do something loving for yourself and someone else every single day.  This will help to balance your energy and remove blockage within your body.

Also, keep in mind that every negative thought or feeling you have needs to be “canceled” or neutralized.  To do this, replace the negative emotion with a positive feeling of unconditional love.  Your love feeling needs to be as strong as your negative feeling in order for this to work and for the negative energy to be neutralized.

By practicing this unconditional love, you must work to attain oneness in soul and spirit.  Remember, each act of judgment, hate, anger, etc., creates separateness.  As long as you feel separated from God (or whatever you call the power that made you), you block the energy that works to allow you to walk as one with God.

The best course of action is to set aside some quiet time each day to meditate on your life, intentions, and thoughts.

Consider each area of your life and conclude which will help bring your soul and spirit together.

Reflect on how you can change aspects of your life by filling your days with unconditional love.  This way, you can surrender your egotistical mind to God’s power or energy – the unconditional love and universal energy within you.  Allow your challenges and pursuits to be given over to this innate spiritual energy.

Practice unconditional love and have faith in this powerful force that is you.  And remember, thinking one way and acting another creates disharmony between your soul and spirit.  Be authentic and congruent within yourself.  Your thoughts and actions need to agree.

Keep in mind in your daily dealings with others, you do not have to love the personality or the actions of everyone.  What you need to love is the spirit within them, even if they have let their egotistical self effectively block that spirit’s perfect flow or display.  Love them as your equal in God’s creation.  Love them because you share the universal consciousness and almighty spirit with them.  All men and women are created equally and spiritually.

Most importantly, continuously give thanks for your ability to give and receive unconditional love.  Be aware of the many facets of your life that are touched by the showing of this love.