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This Holiday, Your Gut Can Upset Your Brain and Vice Versa!

This Holiday, Your Gut Can Upset Your Brain and Vice Versa!

Are you feeling that warm fuzzy feeling for the holidays yet? It might be your gut that is cramping your style. And we use the word cramping on purpose!

The latest research overwhelmingly supports the neural connections between your brain and gut. This means that the gut is a definite factor responsible for how good or bad your attitude is on any given day. Feelings and gut health are closely tied together. 

Serotonin, the feel-good hormone, is primarily produced in the brain, and its nearly instant release when either visual or emotional input is received is intriguing. And how can it instantly be felt in the gut? What do pictures and feelings you experience have to do with how your gut feels?

Well, it seems that the gut is responsible for a purported 90% of the Serotonin produced and released in the body. And the brain/gut relationship is virtually inseparable. So, that makes sense!

In the gut, the nerve cells are influenced by the same neurotransmitters. The gut can upset the brain just as the brain can upset the gut. The gut’s brain, or the “enteric nervous system,” is located in the sheaths of tissue lining the digestive tract from entrance to exit. And that helps to explain how it seems impossible to keep emotions and digestion apart. 

The whole Morter HealthSystem shines in both areas – providing updates to the emotional S.E.M.O. patterns from daily or long-term stress with B.E.S.T. and offering specially formulated digestive enzymes that serve to enhance a healthy and functional gut.

So, if you don’t have that warm fuzzy feeling this holiday season and instead have a cramping of your style, now you know why and how to take control with B.E.S.T., Alka•Pan®, and SuperDigest®!

Mark Your Calendars!   The Morter HealthSystem office will be closed from December 22nd through January 1st for the Christmas and New Year holidays.