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We Are Primarily Spiritual Beings

Announcement: : Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have rescheduled our June Animal B.E.S.T. program to September 18-20. Also, we have postponed our June B.E.S.T. Training in Chicago, and our July B.E.S.T. Training in Phoenix. We will reschedule these events as the current restrictions are lifted, as well as the other previously postponed events.

We Are Primarily Spiritual Beings

For three centuries, scientific thinking has focused on reducing the study of human anatomy and physiology to smaller and smaller segments or entities. However, as Davies points out in God and the New Physics, “Some problems (such as jigsaws) are only solved by putting them together – they are synthetic or ‘holistic’ in nature.” The objective of considering the body as cohesive energy in different states is to identify the source of the energy congestion behind a problem.

Your body of energy functions through bioelectrochemical activity. It’s a biosystem that runs by electrochemical processes. Mechanisms of internal communication include neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters, memory engrams, facilitator terminals, plus other identifiable and/or not-yet-discovered biological and physiological elements. The processes of energy communication between body and personal field have not yet been as neatly defined as have the internal processes. However, science is moving in that direction. Exploration into the quantum realm reveals features of matter that turn some concepts of Newtonian physics topsy-turvy. “Because human beings function through a physical body,” writes Dr. Richard Gerber, “the discovery by particle physicists that matter is a form of frozen energy has significant implications for science’s ability to understand the subtle energetic intricacies of human physiology.” Increasingly, scientists are coming to at least entertain the idea that energy in its various frequencies and amplitudes is an integral part of the condition of all life.

Many scientists have moved beyond entertaining the idea to accepting and working with this concept. Becker, Chopra, Gerber, Pert, and Hunt are but a few of this growing army. Richard Gerber, M.D., in the Preface of his book, Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, sets the stage for linking what he terms “our extended subtle anatomy” with our spiritual nature. According to Dr. Gerber: “That which we refer to as the spiritual domain is part of a series of higher dimensional energy systems which feed directly into the computer hardware we call the brain and body.” Gerber’s attitude toward the spiritual domain is parallel with one of Morter HealthSystem’s most firmly held beliefs: We are not primarily physical beings: rather, we are primarily spiritual beings.

The mind can act quickly. The spirit can act with the speed of light. From our worldly view, the mind is the connecting point between the physical and the spiritual. The mind is energy that affects and is affected by the energy around it. This energy is generated primarily by thoughts and feelings. The mind is the connecting point between the physical and spiritual.

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