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Welcome to a Whole New You!

A new year means setting new goals, reorganizing your life, and learning how to care for yourself better.

Welcome to a Whole New You!

As we emerge from 2022 celebrations with family and friends, we hit the ground running in a New Year with a clean slate! That means new calendars, day planners, and a journal to fill with goals and strategic planning for the upcoming year.

Our 52-Weeks to Practice Success Program (a benefit of our MHS Membership) will provide you with detailed instructions on setting goals, designing a strategic plan for 2023, and developing a vision board, among a host of other tips and tricks for having a successful year!

Is the New Year also giving you the itch to clean and organize your life? The Kon Mari method – the system organizing guru Marie Kondo developed and taught in her bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – is an excellent tool for teaching you how to clean and organize your home, office, etc., so you never need to do it again. Tidiness becomes a part of your everyday living with the Kon Mari method. She bases her approach on how the things you own make you feel – their energy. And you know it’s all energy, right?!

The New Year, specifically January, also makes us focus more on our health. You may look for ways to lose weight and “get healthy.” For a while, at least. And, sure, while losing weight and exercising are the best ways to improve your overall health, your ability to start exercising and eating healthier are just as important. Understanding the relationship between what you eat, how you exercise, and your body’s pH is the best way to set yourself up for success.

You need to know if your urine pH level is within acceptable limits – that is, on the alkaline side or neutral – since any proposed exercise program produces physiologic acid. If your internal environment is neutral to the slightly alkaline range, the additional physiologic acid is no problem. But, if your body is already overly acidic, strenuous exercise can be harmful and sometimes even fatal.

Therefore, it is vital that you do a controlled acid/alkaline (pH) test to determine your body’s acid level before starting or continuing an exercise program. Our pH Your Potential for Health – The Guide to Monitoring and Controlling Your pH booklet is available to help!

Give yourself the very best care you can. Start a fresh new year with new projects, new goals – a whole new plan! De-clutter your life and your surroundings. Explore the importance of pH levels and how easy the testing is to incorporate into your life! That will help you make a resolution for improved health a real and lasting one!

And remember the Morter March! Less than 10 minutes a day can synch all of these things together and give you an essential neurological upgrade! Happy New Year, friends! Here’s to the BEST year ever!