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When It’s Not Bears You Fear

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When It’s Not Bears You Fear

Your body is designed and programmed to handle the “bears” that threaten your physical safety. Your conscious mind detects danger, and your subconscious responds by producing chemicals to aid in your survival. In other words, the perfect, innate, Creative Energy within you responds. Your physiology instantly adjusts for defense: survive or die. The conscious brain receives information from the five senses, inputs that information into the sensory system, and the body automatically responds to that information. That’s the grand design.

The problem is that we often activate that perfect system using our conscious minds when it is not necessary for our physical survival. The fears of today don’t include finding a bear in your cave, but they cause the same physiological reactions in your body. When you experience fear, your body responds to the chemicals it automatically produces, which change your physiology in order to defend you. We call this “defense physiology.”

Today’s fears include things such as losing your job, getting sick, being alone, or not being able to pay your rent. It doesn’t matter what you fear; what matters is the intensity and duration with which you experience your fears. In other words, if you are extremely afraid of something for a long time and think about it often, your body constantly produces chemicals that change systemic and organic functions in order to “fight that bear” that doesn’t physically exist. The fear lives in your mind, not the in the physical world. And, all negative emotions produce chemicals in your body, not just fear. Your body then automatically responds to all of those chemicals. When you create these chemicals continuously by emotionally stressing yourself, you drain the energy in your body, causing one or more of the survival systems to become fatigued. This leads to conditions of illness, disease, pain, weight gain, and/or depression.

The bottom line is that continually exhausting your power to “fight” puts you on the road to poor health, mentally and/or physically. So, your reaction to life’s stresses obviously plays a major role in your health. Though, just because you don’t worry doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You may live in fear, guilt or in a world of loneliness, judgment, or indecision. All these emotions produce chemicals. The crux of the matter is that, at some point, your body becomes weakened by this constant “bear fight,” and you experience Subconscious Emotional Memory Override (S.E.M.O.). This leads to exhaustion of one or more of your survival systems, which may very well result in ill health or disease.