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When Opportunity Knocks…

When Opportunity Knocks…

Dr. Ted here! I was sitting in my chair reading, when I heard a commotion coming from the other side of the house. There was yelping, scratching, running around like I’ve never heard before. Right about then, a black dog bolted into the bedroom closely followed by our Labrador, Izabella, and then Smokey the cat. I didn’t think this was going to end well for anyone…me included!

Turns out, we had company. Layla, our grand dog, was here for a “visit.” This sparked a display of craziness from all Morter Farm animals. Round and round they went, up and down, and over and under…well you get the picture right? These animals were running around, barking, chasing each other, and just being happy. After all, it had been several weeks since we had a puppy visitor. In an effort to save the house from destruction, I’m rolling my eyes, raising my voice, and generally making a fool of myself, all to no avail.

That’s when Janna, the Animal B.E.S.T. sage, took over. “Let me help with this,” she offered, with an air of calm well beyond my expertise. She took out a small bottle of some type of oil, shook a drop into her hands, rubbed them together and then began to rub it on our dog’s ears and neck. And, then the magic happened. A calm came over both the dogs, and even the cat seemed relaxed. It was like being in Colorado in a blanket of snow-covered flowers in late spring. I was taken aback and certainly impressed. I wanted that.

Janna explained, from her study, lavender essential oil calms and relaxes excited pets! No kidding. Further, she mentioned we had an Animal B.E.S.T. practitioner, Linda Apsey, who had been coaching her on animals and essential oils for some time. I needed to learn more, as this was nothing short of miraculous. She connected me with Linda, and once we talked, the wheels were turning. This simple lavender oil technique was just the tip of the iceberg! Linda had the Animal B.E.S.T. knowledge, and she also shared with me her extensive experiences with rescue animals and multiple blends of essential oils for all different conditions. And, it gets even better. She works with drug addiction for people as well. Now, she really had my attention, since we are on the final steps to opening our first Addiction and Recovery clinic in Carbondale, Illinois. Animals, addiction, B.E.S.T., and essential oils…hmmmm!

After numerous calls and deep conversation about our respective passions, I have invited Linda to speak about her knowledge and experiences with essential oils at the upcoming Animal B.E.S.T. training, June 7-9, at Morter Farm. She is so excited to share her knowledge and her passion with everyone. If you are interested in learning more about how to combine Animal B.E.S.T. with these oils, please come to this event!
And, look for us to be sharing more of this knowledge with you Animal B.E.S.T. practitioners both on our Animal B.E.S.T. Facebook group and through our Animal B.E.S.T. Mastermind program!