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When Your Body Is More Acid Than It Should Be

When Your Body Is More Acid Than It Should Be

When Your Body Is More Acid Than It Should Be

First thing in the morning, when you wake up, make a fist. Squeeze.  Do you get a lackluster response?  Do you feel as though perhaps the “Squeeze” message didn’t quite make it from your brain to your hand?  Is there so little power in your clenched fist that it would leave virtually no blemish on a brand-new toothpaste tube?  Does the squeezing actually hurt?  If all or any of the above apply to your “Fist Test,” your body is probably more acidic than it should be. 

Another good indicator of how things are going on inside your body is if your stool has a strong odor or if your urine is “foamy.”  If this is the case, you’ve eaten too much protein in the past few days.  If your urine smells like ammonia, you’ve been overeating protein for too long. Let’s call this the “Sniff Test.”

Do you start the day feeling “stiff” but “loosen up” as the day goes on? A “Yes” answer means you’ve been overeating protein for too long.  Your internal environment is fighting protein pollution.  One of the cultural norms of our society is to accept “morning stiffness” as a standard symptom of aging.  Early morning creaks and stiffness are passed off as part of the “Ohhh, I’m getting older” syndrome.  Stiff-in-the-morning-and-better-later is a clue that your body is working overtime to keep your acid levels under control.  This is your “Stiff Test.”

If you got a bad grade on any of these tests ­– the Fist, Sniff, and Stiff tests – your body is toxic from too much acid.  The “too much” part is from excess dietary protein.  There’s no instant cure for toxicity.  It takes time, commitment, and some new choices on your part.  But you can begin today to give your body a break from the acid cycle.  Add one serving of cooked vegetables to your daily fare.  Even if you usually eat no vegetables at all, add only one serving.  Diet changes should be made gradually, especially if your body is extremely toxic. 

If you’re serious about giving your body the best chance for the best future possible, don’t overburden it with too much protein. Only you can make food choices that will lead to a healthful future.  Your body merely works with what you give it.