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Who’s In Charge Here?

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Who’s In Charge Here?

Do you believe you have control over your thoughts? If so, you should also know that you have control over your health. You use your mind all day long; you constantly think about something. Even when you sleep, your mind is at work – at a subconscious level. The feelings, emotions, and attitudes created in your mind affect your health. Negative feelings are detrimental to your health, while positive ones are beneficial.

Emotional memory override is a condition that you create in your mind. It is a state of being in which emotions from memory determine your physiology. Constantly living in a state of emotional memory override is exhausting, exhausting to your body and your mind. Who puts you into emotional memory override? You do. You do it with your mind. Your emotions, which are thoughts mixed with feelings, create chemicals in your body that force a physiological, systemic, or organic survival response – defense physiology. This constant state of defense physiology exhausts and weakens you, resulting in ill health or disease.

You can actually hate yourself into poor health. You can worry yourself sick. You can allow jealousy to consume you. Your thoughts can eat away at your health. On the other hand, you can lift your spirit and strengthen your soul by thinking positive, loving, forgiving thoughts.

As John Maxwell says, “you are only an attitude away from success.” And, you are only an attitude away from good health and happiness.