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Why Do We Get Sick?

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Why Do We Get Sick?

We are in one of the most affluent and technologically advanced countries on earth, yet many of us can tick off a lengthy list of personal illnesses. From the irritation of allergies to more severe conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, having a “condition” has become a national pastime.

So, if we are so rich and intelligent, why are we so sick? We get “sick” when we push our body’s survival skills to extremes to handle the consequences of our choices and actions. You’re not sick because you have diabetes. You have diabetes because you’re sick.

Pain and disease appear to us as our bodies doing something wrong. But they’re not. Pain and disease result from our bodies surviving to the point of exhaustion. The energy that your body should use to accomplish daily activities is instead used for survival – simply keeping your body alive. Survival is more important than accomplishment.

Disease doesn’t just strike – it develops. It develops as the body continuously adapts to survive threatening conditions. Take, for example, excess acid from high protein foods – if our body must constantly adapt to handle excess acid, two things will happen. The availability of alkalizing minerals from the alkaline reserve in our body is reduced, and backup systems designed for emergency-only services must constantly work in high gear instead. As a result, our body scavenges for neutralizing minerals from other sources such as bones and internal organs, and our systems are pushed beyond their capacity, eventually becoming exhausted.

When you make choices that keep one area of the body on red alert constantly, that area gets tired. Eventually, the damaging process can go on for so long that you don’t realize or associate the initial cause with its eventual effect.

The cause is your choices that result in your body learning how to survive. The effect later becomes what you interpret as the disease.
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